Kimota42 was formed from the ashes of amertume in the Fall of 2000. Immediately after Amertume ended, Kevin and Adam focused their attention on writing new material and recruiting new musicians. Kevin and Adam were joined by Carolynne and a slew of drummers in making loud, noisy yet catchy, schizophrenic rock for over two years. The band was a cursed three-headed monster, and monsters are destined to be destroyed.
Kimota42 recorded a five song EP shortly before the band dissolved in 2002 that was never released but will soon be available online.

Carolynne currently plays with the Rarebirds.
Adam went on to play with Gasmoney.
Jeff who played on the demo went on to tour with Trouble with Sweeny.
Kevin is currently playing bass for Philadelphia based Bleed Radio Bleed.