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Various Artists
Break Even presents... A House Divided

be 14

Tracks include:

Pop Unknown The December Drive
That Was Then... Set And Forgotten
...This Is Now The Will Of Good Men
The Cotton Weary A Dim Halo
Sizing Up The Situation Everyday Was Yesterday...
Post Script A Heart Sick With Hope
Darkest Hour

A House Divided is a collection of intense emo/indie rock from five sources spanning the United States. Each act turns in a strong performance with two previously unreleased songs, making this treat for new and old fans alike.

Pop Unknown (ex-Mineral from Austin, TX), The Cotton Weary (Long Island, NY), Slackjaw (Portland, OR), The December Drive (Brownsville, TX), and A Dim Halo (Lincoln, NE) represent a wide stylistic and geographic range spanning the breadth and depth of emo/indie rock today. All five bands have met with success in recent years and bringing them together will give listeners a chance to hear something truly unique.