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Various Artists
Break Even Thanks

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artists featured:
The Seaside Panel Amertume
Throwdown Ultra
The Cotton Weary Palpatine
Indie Anna 33 Down
Subunit Bazhena
Days Away Lorien
First Man Out Coreletto
This Day Forward Dixon Ward
Downstares Delorian

Thanks is Break Even's first compilation project. It is intended to be a means of thanking all the people who supported the label through the early days of our existence. Without them, Break Even would be nothing. So as a token of our appreciation, the cost of the CD was kept at $5 ($6 shipped) alone, but with the purchase of any other Break Even CD the price is only $1 ($2 shipped). Featuring 18 tracks from bands spanning the US and presenting a wide variety of styles, Thanks has a little something for everyone. More information on the bands can be found on our Thanks page on this site.