The Silence Kit is a Philly post-punk band that plays textured, dark, indie rock. Based in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and inspired in equal parts by post punk, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, avant-garde and indie rock, the band was started by singer/guitarist Patrick McCay back in 2002 as a solo recording project. Several lineups have seen the band gradually honing their sound through the years. In 2007 Patrick found a new guitarist in TJ Wark and drummer in Jay Dyer. Not long afterward the band found bass player Don Ocava and within a few short months, the lineup was writing new material and playing shows.
The Silence Kit are active members of the Break Even family releasing their second full-length A Strange Labor in the Summer of 2008.

Featuring Pat McCay of Amertume, The Silence Kit reunites a long-time associate with our micro-label.
Their official website can be found at: