The comparisons to the Anniversary, Weezer and the B-52's are inevitable but not one member in the band or any of us surrounding the release of Zolof's first CD could possibly imagine that life would imitate art in such a strong and positive way. After years of splitting hairs, changing names, dropping the (t) off of Zoloft, and member changes, the self proclaimed "Rock & Roll Destroyers" launched their debut 9 song CD as a benefit split release between Philadelphia Record Labels Wonka Vision (of Wonka Vision Magazine) and Break Even Records. If January 22 2002 didn't come sooner the pot which has been boiling over for five years would have spilled all over the studio floor in Vince Ratti's production palace, Skylight Studios. (Langhorne, PA) If five years production put into a record doesn't spell the word LOVE, what does?. "We have a fun band which is funny because the cd set the fun tone for the band and not the other way around."
Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer is an alumni member of the Break Even roster releasing their self-titled debut full length in the Winter of 2002.

After several line up changes and new commitment to making music, Zolof went on to sign a new deal with Eyeball Records (original home of Thursday, Midtown, My Chemical Romance and others).

Their first Eyeball release, Jalopy Go Far was released in May 2003.

Their new website can be found at: