The Cotton Weary creates music as pieces of art where time constraints and commercialism aren't the governing factor. Melody is still key, but they prefer to compose music that sets a mood (often one somber in nature) and gives both vocals and instrumentation the room to develop. jason gerstner's pulsing drumwork and brian denicola's rhythmic acoustic guitar set the foundation. Jason Schneider and Philip Rutkowski intermingle varied arpeggiated soundscapes while Mike Satzinger produces smooth melodic basslines. DeNicola's impassioned vocals, ranging from a melodic whisper to an emphatic roar, and the articulate lyrics deliquesce over the music.
The Cotton Weary are alumni members of the Break Even roster releasing their debut EP Viva Maestro! in the Summer of 1999.

In 2003, members of The Cotton Weary went on to form another Long Island band, Satellite Lost.

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